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The ultimate guide for healthy college life - Learning apps and more

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Being a college student can be a lot of fun, but it can also come with new challenges that we are not used to facing. A lot of students move out from home for the first time when going to college, and at that moment they need to take care of themselves. This may sound a little scary and you may have a lot of new things to learn to do, like how to manage time and money or even motivate yourself to study. Luckily, we are the generation of unlimited resources thanks to the internet, and many application developers thought about helping us with some really cool apps, that can teach us these life skills in an entertaining way.

In this article, we selected the best apps for college students. Whether you are looking for some help to focus or motivate yourself to study, create a study plan or just manage your money better, there is an app out there for you!

Learning apps


MyStudyLife is one of the best learning apps, that will help you create all the timetables with schedules, breaks, tasks and anything you need to introduce in your learning strategy. It's a great app to build habits, stick to them and organize your life as a college student.


With Wunderlist you can become a master of productive to-do lists! In this app you can create endless to-do lists, share them with your colleagues, flatmates making group projects and household activities easier.


The team of Cogito is developing an all-collaborative community-based note sharing platform, where university students together can create reliable databases for their exams. By everyone sharing their amount of knowledge, the requirements can be cleared up and the frustration of getting the best, up-to-date materials is diminished. The best features of this tool are:

Money management for a college student

Money management can be a tricky task when you are a university junior. You may have a lot of expenses, some of them unexpected, that's why it's really important to have some savings for those surprise moments. Now budgeting became easier than ever. These apps are designed to help you track your expenses and save money, even if it seems impossible to survive until your next income.


Fudget is really easy to use and this is the best part of it! Their slogan is "The budget planner you can actually use!". This app is focused on taking complications out of money management. It doesn't come with put-up expense categories, it's all up to you. With this app you are able to create any category you need, you can note each penny spent, from paying bills or rent to buying any specific decorating item to your room.


Mint app is the best way to start getting smart about your money. It is available for both IOS and Android, and it has really useful budgeting features including synchronizing information from your bank accounts into one place. After a few weeks of using Mint, the app will show you data about how you've spent your money, and where you can save some. You are able to create budgets and savings goals, and it all comes with a really fun design with simple pie charts and graphs.


This app is not specially designed for students, but it's a great way to send and receive money, or take out cash from anywhere. Revolut became really popular last year, and if you don't have an account we highly recommend creating one. The greatest features of this service are the built-in budgeting, showing you instantly your spendings' location and amount, the free money withdrawal from any ATM (even abroad under a certain amount) and the super fast and free money transfer. It's also the easiest way to split bills really fast.

Travel apps


For booking homes instead of hotels, use the Airbnb app. It's a great alternative for travelers if they want a whole apartment. Usually, it's cheaper for accommodation than hotels and you can also save money on food by cooking in the kitchen. It's ideal for managing trips while you are on the road because it's really fast and easy.


TripIt app helps you keep a clean itinerary of your trip. You can synchronize your reservations in the app, so you'll have your Airbnb reservation, flight, and any ticket in one place. You can also create a timetable to visit the places you chose to visit.


Packing for a trip can be such a stressful task. Packpoint comes as an assistant to remind you not to forget anything important at home. This app shows you a list of things depending on the length of your trip, your activities, weather conditions and a lot of travel details you'll introduce.

Time management


Alarmy has lots of ways to make sure you're awake. It has puzzles, math problems to solve in order to make the alarm stop, making your brain work in the morning, or even it makes you wake up from bed to take a photo of a certain object in the house such as a door or a sink in the bathroom. It's a solution for lazy mornings and forgetting about your study plan, so you can be sure you won't be late for your activities!

Rescue Time

RescueTime is a productivity app that will block you from certain websites, apps while your work and in time will create statistics about where you are spending most of your time online. You must give permission to the learning app to monitor every website you are using and while running in the background will give you useful information about your online activity. In the beginning, you have to choose which apps, websites, and tools you use for work and in the study schedule and in time the app will know what do you really mean by "blocking distractions".

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