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Stress management strategies for college students

We all hear a lot about how adult life and especially student life is stressful. Everybody talks about how much they have to deal with, some of us may be working while our studying years, we have household activities to do, we have to learn, and, of course, as social beings, we want to spend time with our loved ones. All these things can be accomplished with planning and time management, but here comes the tricky piece, which cuts in all these plans, dealing with stress.

Have you ever felt powerless, unmotivated and irritated by things beyond reason? Ever felt that the random lady who asks for directions to the town center on your way to work bothers you in an incredible way? This means that you let stress take a huge part of your lifestyle. Many kinds of research proved that a life with too much stress involved has physical, mental and emotional consequences. These symptoms put your health at much risk, leading to headaches, depression, anxiety and sometimes anger issues and substance abuse. You have to realize that you need to take action meaning to pick up stress handling skills.

How to manage stress?

Healthy body, healthy mind - build habits that last

Living a healthy lifestyle helps you a lot in stress management. This means paying attention to three aspects: eating habits, exercising and sleeping habits. People care about their shape and weight. An unhealthy lifestyle leads to obesity and this can cause self-esteem problems, meaning stress. Another thing about health: if your body is healthy and fit, you'll have more energy to do all the things planned. If you are planning on having a full schedule you need to get the right amount of quality sleep while regularly doing physical exercise keeps you healthy and fit.

Study plan and scheduled lifestyle

John F. Kennedy said that “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” He knew that the greatest plans are realized in advance. This is true to your lifestyle also. Creating a realistic and honest study plan and life schedule will totally help you avoid stressful situations. Just think about it, if you have a cute planner including all the activities, locations, instructions prepared, you'll never have to worry about stressful situations such as forgetting a meeting or being late to submit a school project. In time these will become habits. Your planner will always tell you what to do and when, and in this way, you'll erase procrastination and time waste from your days. Even if you are the traditional type and write your schedule in a cute little notebook or you choose to download learning apps for boosting your daily activities, a clear plan will surely reduce stress from your lifestyle.

Besides good time management, an organized workspace is going to also help you with managing stress. If you keep your room and desk organized you'll get rid of all the "where did I leave my keys?" types of questions.

Do something you love - get more focused and motivated

Stress and its symptoms are our body's way to say "help, I'm tired and sad!". In these cases, it's sure that even if you want to do all the things you have to, it's impossible. This is the moment when you need to stop and concentrate on yourself. After all, your mental health is a priority. Creating an effective schedule means that you manage your free time consciously. Always leave some minutes to take a walk in the park, play the guitar, draw something or any hobby you'd like to practice. Knowing that you'll do those things after finishing the mandatory tasks will also make you motivated and more productive in anything you do.

Collaborative study

As social beings, we rely on other people to be able to live. This is also true when it comes to stress relief. This method of avoiding stress is really easy and often forgotten by people. As we already mentioned, stress has emotional consequences, and by talking to people we can reduce these symptoms. Positive interaction can boost your confidence, giving recognition when you'll realize that you aren't alone with complicated challenges. These interactions can also give you other points of view about your solutions and will keep your mind off from the stressful situations you are facing.

As students, it is essential to open up and socialize in order to be successful. You are in your learning process, you have all the possibilities to absorb information from theory in books or on the internet, but after all, you'll realize that collaborative study, sharing information and solving problems with other people will make you learn more not to mention that it is easier and more fun!

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