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Starting the semester off right

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Update your study plan / Start using one - Boost your efficiency!

A study plan is an essential tool for successful students. At the beginning of a new semester, it is important to update your previous study plan according to your new classes and activities because your classes, your tasks, and your lifestyle can differ from one semester to another. Your student lifestyle will be easier if you start organizing your time at the beginning of the semester. Less stress and an organized schedule will boost your motivation to study, and you'll easily get those better grades! Set up your deadlines from the start, as it'll help you organize your work until your finals and you won't get overwhelmed with your projects and learning sessions.

You grow during each stage of your education and by using a study schedule you develop much more operative habits in time. Even if you didn't organize your study sessions previously, it's never too late to start. Creating a cool study plan can help you a lot: it will help you stay focused and motivate yourself to study while reducing stress, also it will give you time management skills of a professional, making you have time for other activities!

Get organized, get reliable - Cogito as a document management system

A clean and organized study place will considerably increase your productivity while learning. After a long semester and exam session, your study place can become a messy one and your document management system can be full of your past courses. When starting a new semester and changing your classes, to have a fresh start, you have to close those books, notes and store them in a place where they won't disturb you. Getting rid of your old courses, notebooks, sticky notes with irrelevant content will help you concentrate on your actual tasks. Your study place always has to be clean and organized. Besides your physical learning materials, you also have to organize all your digital materials. Use a document management system that allows you to organize your online courses and projects. Finding a trustworthy document management system such as Cogito helps you by keeping all your courses organized and accessible online. However, don't throw out or erase your materials, either keep them away from your actual workplace or share them with future generations with our in-built collaborative editor.

The best way to keep a clean and organized collection of materials is by using learning apps, with collaborative document management tools so your projects and notes can always be shareable and available online for anyone. At Cogito we always embrace that: Sharing is caring!

Know your curriculum - subscribe to new classes!

During the first weeks of a new semester, you are familiarizing yourself with your new classes, new teachers, new teaching styles, and you need to take advantage of this period. Look up your curriculum, the new domains you are going to study, ask teachers about what you are going to do in the upcoming months. Look up every detail of your educational program that can help you during the semester. To minimalize the stress of a new beginning, look up and note your classes' dates, location, and books you need to purchase or read. You can also make sure that you subscribe to your new subjects and their news feed on Cogito if you find no such subjects let us know asap!

Find your team - collaborative studying is easier!

They say that "Those who travel alone travel fastest, but those who travel together, travel furthest." It's important to have some friends during college, (re)connect with your colleagues. Be open to new people and cooperate. If you choose the right people, they will energize and inspire you - collaborating during group projects or exam preparation will reduce your efforts. No matter how organized you are, you may forget important information about some classes. That's when you need your college buddies, who will tell you about due dates, will answer your questions and give you advice about finding the best methods for studying.

Don't skip your classes and sit in front

Some days it may seem hard to get up and actually go to your classes. Maybe you didn't get enough sleep, you may have other things to do instead, or you may have some issues with your teacher. Even if all of these excuses may seem reasonable, it's important to think wisely about attending class. Maybe you won't meet new colleagues who can be of huge help in your future studies or projects. Collaborative studying can be a great way to achieve better results in time. Maybe the teacher will explain the courses in a way that you can only understand by hearing the examples that are not mentioned throughout the materials. In these cases, you'll miss valuable information about your classes, deadlines, project requirements, resulting in increased stress levels, problems understanding lectures and longer study time. If you successfully attend to your class, keep in mind to make it worth it. Sit in front, take notes and be interactive. Don't just go there to sleep or talk about non-related topics. Make every minute of a course count!

Our team wishes you all a new semester full of success, motivation, and fun!

The team of Cogito is developing an all-collaborative community-based note sharing platform, where university students together can create reliable databases for their exams. By everyone sharing their amount of knowledge, the requirements can be cleared up and the frustration of getting the best, up-to-date materials is diminished. Follow our blog every week, and don't forget to like our Facebook page too.

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