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Remote education for universities - Crisis of the coronavirus

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Going remote as a university - The modern approach to teaching

Using the technology-given advantages, we have always been able to optimize more and more the way we work, study and live our lives. Scheduling a meeting, working abroad and now studying as well, have become viable options for the people. This also provides remote education for universities and their users: the students. Compared to face-to-face approach in education, we can now study from the comfort of our homes, without those early morning commutes. After emails and other messaging apps, we now have the power of social networks, as a tool for studying and educating people. This way we can achieve asynchronous communication while studying or teaching. Having found a platform with such functionalities a teacher simply can upload the content. Students, on the other hand, can start consuming knowledge at a comfortable pace.

With the now abundant live-streaming services teachers can also record and archive their Q&As or even whole classes. Being in class isn't a prerequisite to gaining knowledge anymore since students and teachers can do the home office version of education. Being far from class isn't always easy but it is definitely fruitatious for people living in remote areas without equal opportunities to get a quality education. The faster universities realize this, the faster they can gain traction online for their teachers and their potential students as well.

Education in crisis - Studying the most efficiently during the coronavirus pandemic

Emergencies such as the outbreak of the virus put pressure not only on our economy, politics, and society but on the student life as well. For this reason, we ought to find new ways to provide quality online education for students and people in need.

Communicating effectively is key in these situations, therefore using built-in video chats or other two-way communication enabling functionalities is key to satisfy students while they're impacted by the effects of such a global pandemic or other issues. In the long run, these methods not only apply in global emergencies but also in personal crises as well. Students with chronic diseases, people cut off from society can still join end enjoy the advantages of opportunities provided by distance education.

Getting a degree from thousands of kilometers - The future of higher education

Implementing innovative solutions is the ultimate key to providing the future of higher education. In the last 25 years however education lagged behind other market-oriented services, but a generation now has grown up to be a gamechanger for education. Studying as a process is heavily dependent on the experience of the user. Therefore, for example, Cogito and other solutions as well invested hundreds of hours into a state of the art design and user experience for a better educational experience. Having a seamless flow of actions and fun as well while memorizing stuff makes students' life much easier providing an effective environment for learning anything.

Not only great user experience but novel functionalities such as the integration of AR into the teaching process, VR and advanced opportunities to filter information are now needed to become the best university online. With Cogito's unique algorithm in the future, we want to provide the option to interlink materials, creating a graph of knowledge while studying. This way students from the first day of college would see every single step they need to take to reach their potential

Raising efficiency for studying

These functionalities not only provide joy for the teachers but also help students to get more focused and motivated to study. Studying collaboratively online with the best notes also helps students to gain deeper insight into teamwork and the profession as well.

Clearing up the requirements about what to learn, such as with a reliable database of university notes on Cogito, is an effective stress management strategy for students as well. With the rise of social media, many people have been excluded from groups where others might share quality notes with each other. Providing on-demand accessible databases of academic knowledge for eager students can also raise satisfaction for those who have less time to study because they have work or other things to do besides university.

Quality online education - Content for students is king

Reliable university materials

As with the rise of all-collaborative functionalities for studying to provide a quality online education we see that the individual, cannot handle the load of new information happening every day. Now in modern online education, instead of teachers writing every piece of material by themselves, they can function as gatekeepers and 90% of the materials can be written by the students. This way the teachers can clear up the requirements about what to study, while students can write the topics for further validation. Thus quality content is easily accessible for everyone.

Best apps for studying and learning

Besides such tools as Cogito for remote learning methods, there are literally hundreds of apps for learning that can help both students and teachers, when it comes to studying in a quality environment. These apps are just waiting for educators to be picked up and integrated. Read our blog post about the ultimate guide for healthy college life - learning apps and more. As online tools work well for optimizing these processes, an offline, logically built study plan for studying effectively and finding your unique learning style can also have a huge impact on the way you learn university materials.

The team of Cogito is developing an all-collaborative community-based note sharing platform, where university students together can create reliable databases for their exams. By everyone sharing their amount of knowledge, the requirements can be cleared up and the frustration of getting the best, up-to-date materials is diminished. Follow our blog every week, and don't forget to like our Facebook page too.

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