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How to study very effectively? Part I - How to get more focused & motivated

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The best way to start - Motivate yourself to study

First of all, we know that a successful student has a study plan. If you already created one you just have to find the motivation to start doing these tasks on your schedule. Since you can't borrow or buy motivation, it may seem difficult to get it from some mysterious place nobody knows of. The ultimate key to inspiring yourself is to ask yourself a few questions:

Why is it important to motivate yourself?

Finding a purpose for your activities is essential. Honestly, if you don't know why are you learning the courses, or why are you writing an essay, can you even finish?

Is it worth learning all of these long courses?

Reward yourself. Appreciate even your small efforts, it will make you feel better about getting your tasks done. After one or two blocks of time spent learning, writing, do something you love. Go for a walk, play guitar, eat something you like.

Do these courses even make sense?

Always keep in mind: Understand what you are learning, don't just memorize. Understanding a topic is way more interesting and fun than just memorizing things that have no sense.

How to get more focused?

Staying focused is essential when it comes to productive learning. Studying requires full attention, even for the easiest things, to finish. Concentrating on the materials you are reading is going to increase your productivity, resulting in more free time, less stress, and a better understanding of notes. Some of you may think, that it is impossible to reach the maximum focus on stuff that you don't like to learn. Here are some more tips on how to study very effectively.

Write that to-do list!

One can not emphasize enough the importance of a study schedule but trust me, even concentrating gets better if you have everything written down in front of you. What could be more distracting while learning than thinking about what you should do afterward? Your schedule will eliminate these thoughts.

The Pomodoro technique can also be helpful. 50 minutes of studying followed by 10 minutes of break help your brain separate the focus time from break time, and you will achieve better concentration for sure. You also have the option to do 25 minutes of studying with 5 minutes of break, which has just as good results as the 50/10. Try both and choose what fits you better!

Find your perfect workplace

In order to achieve full concentration, you need your perfect workplace. This should be comfortable, and it must have all the objects you usually use when studying. Just imagine finally sitting down to study, you have a great place, a great plan, all the materials and you forgot to bring your highlighter, or even worse, your laptop charger! Always think about bringing all the things to your desk, breaks to get up and search for things to continue the study session will completely ruin your focus.

Identify the distractions and stop procrastinating

Netflix, social media, friends, parents will wait for you if you want to be successful in your studies. Turn off your phone, don't procrastinate. Procrastination leads to rush, rush leads to errors, and who likes rushing anyway?

The key to finding motivation and staying focused is to always have your tasks and your mind organized. Follow the mentioned study tips and you'll be on your way to becoming a successful student! More tips on how to study very effectively coming soon, so stay tuned!

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