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How to study very effectively? - Part II

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As we promised we're back with new study tips for you! After talking about staying motivated and focused through your learning process in our previous article, we thought you could use some tips about the tools needed when studying, and we also wanted the emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with people having the same goals as yours.

Study plan and learning apps

Good time management on a daily basis can be difficult to achieve. No college student wants to study all day. Besides classes and exams, there are a lot of other activities such as work, socializing, or hobbies, which are just as important, and that's normal. If you want to be successful with your studies while doing all the other stuff, you need a study plan so you can study faster.

A well-done study plan reduces stress and makes you realize that you actually have free time at the university.

A study schedule differs from one person to another depending on their learning habits, the field of activity, however, there is some general advice that can help anyone with this "difficult" procedure:

Create a schedule for notes with realistic deadlines

Having a list makes it easier to start doing one thing at a time, and you'll realize that college isn't as hard as you imagined!

Approach materials in fixed time blocks and take breaks or naps regularly

One thing at a time! Multitasking leads to mediocre results. If you made your schedule right, you can do each thing separately, and after a break, you can be more efficient. Our mind needs breaks to stay awake and be productive.

Find your best learning apps, and use them!

There are a lot of apps out there, read our article about The ultimate guide for healthy college life with learning apps and more. Download and use these apps, they help you a lot with seeing the whole picture all the time in your pocket.

Collaborative study

This is my favorite part! Ever heard the saying "Teamwork makes the dream work."? This is true especially when it comes to studying. Collaborative studying helps everyone in the team to reach their maximum potential. Students in a group complete each other's gaps, you can explain things to each other, you give and also get to know new perspectives, and you also finish your work faster! Isn't this the perfect combo? It truly is, if you actually set up a learning plan for all of you, and you are good team players. Keep in mind to always choose a group that wants to study, not just socialize. Otherwise, the group members will not help each other to reduce procrastination but you will procrastinate together.

Find the best university courses

Study sessions always start with the research. An outstanding student knows that he/she has to collect the most accurate and reliable materials to reach his goals. It's not always easy because, living in the digital era, you have access to lots of information from the internet and social media but you have to be careful when it comes to trusting this information. Then how?

Lectures: Some teachers have this awesome habit of sending the course materials to their students. These are some almost perfect situations in which the only possible problem is not understanding the courses in the teacher's style. This is only a detail that can be solved by "translating" these materials to your understanding. The worst part of relying on this source is that not every teacher sends materials to students. In this case, you have to go to every course, take notes, or ask someone to help you out.

Facebook groups: Even if these are only created by students, they can be a great and free source of information. Some of the students take notes, create documents, and send them to the class but the main problem with this way of collecting information is that it's hard to keep it organized and to make it fit for every students' learning style. Even if these problems can be solved somehow, you have to always ask yourself "are these actually reliable?"

Books: These are actually the most reliable sources you can learn from. Books will definitely give you the correct information about any topic you need, but this can be also difficult. Depending on what topic you need to do research about, books can give you lots of information, even more than you need. Research from books takes more time and money than from any other mentioned source.

E-learning platforms: These are somehow a better variant to collect information for learning if it's actually used by students and teachers as well. E-learning platforms became a reliable source because of their interactive user interface, which allows you to access the information you need, comment on it, ask for other students' or teachers' opinions. If you look up online, you'll find a lot of these programs which are created to help the learning processes, communication in an educational system and reduce the costs of learning.

Having a well-done study plan while you work with the best possible materials are vital parts of your way to become a successful student, and why not share your success with people who want to achieve the same results? Our next article about starting your semester off right, coming soon!

The team of Cogito is developing an all-collaborative community-based note sharing platform, where university students together can create reliable databases for their exams. By everyone sharing their amount of knowledge, the requirements can be cleared up and the frustration of getting the best, up-to-date materials is diminished. Follow our blog every week, and don't forget to like our Facebook page too.

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