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Close your doors and open your mind - 10 quality online education sources

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During the last week, most European countries banned public gatherings and governments recommended remote education online, closing universities to protect their citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic. We read a lot about social distancing, everyone recommending to stay at home if you have that option to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting sick. This doesn't mean that you have to be scared or panic, you just have to be patient, understanding and following the rules.

If you are experiencing anxiety or confusion it's totally normal, that's why we thought about giving you some advice on what activities to do in order to become more positive about this situation and don't waste your time even if you are staying home. Isolation is not as bad as it seems at first glance. Look at this period as an opportunity for self-development. We selected for you the best ways to spend your days depending on what would you like to learn the most, and if you are not sure about that, no problem, you can keep trying everything on our list!

You need a study plan based on your goals - general rule: be organized

In this unusual period, the first thing we recommend for you to learn is to take control of your life. Even if remote education seems messy and your normal study plan isn't suitable for this new lifestyle, you can still live an organized life by taking control of the situation.

This is a great opportunity to become a little more independent when it comes to our studies. Just think about that: You have lots of extra hours a week that were spent with getting ready to go to classes and traveling. Now you have free time to do other things instead! Isn't that great? Take some time to adjust your study plan to the current situation.

Set goals, build habits - Discover yourself

Being self-conscious about your goals is the first step to achieve them. Write down your dreams think about what it takes to earn them, and you're halfway there! If you have to build habits to achieve your goals there is no better time to start that! With your new organized life, you finally have the chance to build smart long-lasting habits, which will improve your life even after the social distancing period.

We selected for you the best quality online educational platforms, a collection of websites out there waiting for curious young college students just like you, to help them develop professionally. Here are some of the skills that can be learned online to include in your study schedule:


Learning the basics of coding is always a plus in any domain in these days, this is why freeCodeCamp gives you the opportunity to learn the basics through their courses for free. If you want to gain more skills, there are lots of youtube tutorials for literally anything you may be searching for, with explanations and smart solutions for coding related problems.


EnvatoTuts+ is a great source for learning photoshop with a collection of step-by-step guides to teach you the basics of graphic design.

Computer screen showing Photoshop opened

Microsoft Office tools

If you are a beginner user of the Microsoft office tools, you need to know that these have lots of small features that will help you work faster and more efficiently. GCFLearnFree.org is a great resource to learn Microsoft office, giving you the option to choose your version of the programs and then teaching you to use that.

Digital Marketing

Google Digital Garage course is a great opportunity for you to begin to learn the basics of this profession and start to think like a digital marketer in just 40 hours of an online course. And the greatest part is that you'll get a certificate from Google after completing this course! With all your newly gained knowledge, you can even start practicing from home on freelancing websites such as Fiverr or Upwork, and get experience while making money.

Learn any language

An easy and fun way to learn any language in your free time is the Duolingo app. It has a great motivational structure for learning the chosen language, and just by a few minutes of practice each day, you can become fluent, for your future trips after this period. Also, another efficient and noteworthy way to learn a new language in just a week can be found on Nathaniel Drew's youtube channel.

Basic psychology

Knowing the basics of psychology will help you anytime in literally every part of your life. By gaining this skill, you'll get better in managing your own life and also interacting with people.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts became really during the last year, thanks to the simple fact that they are easy to consume and they manage to make the shared information personal to the listener. They are also beneficial for your brain because while listening to them you can do other things that require less concentration, so you learn how to multitask while learning the actual information from the podcast. You can find podcasts about a large variety of topics, such as true crime, news, sports, or even self-development.

Drawing techniques

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an artist? It's just a google search away! While learning drawing techniques in your free time you'll get rid of anxiety and in the meantime, you are going to create really great artworks for yourself.


It's important to stay physically and mentally healthy while staying at home. That's why we recommend trying yoga and pilates classes online. There are lots of videos for free from beginners to advanced levels, on the DoYogaWithMe website, and the best part, these training programs require no equipment at all!

Read books

You may feel trapped between your four walls, but keep in mind that "Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.” (Mary Schmich). Take those dusty books off from the shelf. Found anything interesting? No? No problem. You have thousands of possibilities to "go anywhere" with the power of fiction, on the Open Library or Project Guttenberg websites which have a large collection of e-books to read for you.

It's time to begin! Choose any of these activities and use your extra time wisely and organized, be positive and these weeks will pass faster than you realize!

The team of Cogito is developing an all-collaborative community-based note sharing platform, where university students together can create reliable databases for their exams. By everyone sharing their amount of knowledge, the requirements can be cleared up and the frustration of getting the best, up-to-date materials is diminished. Follow our blog every week, and don't forget to like our Facebook page too.

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