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Cogito has observed the huge growth in classroom technology and concomitantly the introduction of new learning methods. One example - Cogito aspires to encourage - is collaborative learning. Cogito ́s collaborative text editor enables students and teachers to collaboratively craft notes which can be used to study for their exams. It provides all students with easy access to all their knowledge in one spot. The collaborative text editor encourages students to apply their knowledge collectively. It encourages students to inspire each other in an effort to further their education and learning. We realize the value of collaborative learning and the impact it can have in bettering a student's learning experience.

Research on collaborative learning

Various independent studies have shown, that cooperative educational efforts overperform the competitive and individualistic ones. They improve productivity and result in higher overall achievements. They produce more support, committed relationships and caring for the individuals involved in the action. Comes with enhanced social competence and self esteem therefore resulting in greater psychological health for the individual and the community too. Collaborative learning systems support learners socially, build diverse understanding among the students and staff, and establishes a positive atmosphere for cooperation and growth. In reverse situation where students had less opportunities to cooperate on given tasks with each other, they showed higher levels of anxiety, and nurtured a more negative perspective against the system incorporating the individualistic or competitive frameworks.

Immense advantages

When we at Cogito talk about student satisfaction, we mean it. By having cooperation in every segment of education, it’s not only a social, psychological, but an academic benefit as well. It promotes the ability of critical thinking, involvement and positivity. This comes with improved results in the classroom, accelerated learning curves and appropriate problem solving skills.

Personalisation within the group

We often fall into the trap of calling someone lazy, just because they don’t tend to work the same time as we do. The concept of complex neurohormonal regulation of our circadian rhythm has long proven this tendency wrong. Hormones, daylight, food, exercise, mental health and million other factors influence our capabalities to be focused. Thus we promote for universities that once they have all the materials ready, the personalisation can finally begin. It’s crucial for all students to be capable of finding their on pace in their studies. Giving the chance for them, to start whenever they feel comfortable with studying, decreases levels of anxiety that come with the potential threat of being evaluated, judged and downgraded. On Cogito’s in-built scheduling, students can decide how fast they want to process information, get feedback and go further.

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