Make education a community, not just an institute!

Collaborative course management for reliable online materials and inspiration.

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Organize information

Organize your curriculum, with the help of your students, structure everything with ease in Cogito’s modular and flexible database.


Boost engagement by sharing news, case studies and conducting live-streamed consultations through Cogito´s in-built social media function.


Let the content be created by the community! Topics, tests, competitions, assignments. Your whole education.

Structure everything with ease

Courses, topics, assignments, exams. Lay out the structure for the students and they’ll fill it with content. Teachers are the gatekeepers with the option to validate materials. Everything with the help of the community.

Community creates quality education

In Cogito’s collaborative topic, and test editor students write materials for courses. Contributors earn community points to compete for valuable prizes and rewards. From structuring your curriculum to validation and maintenance everything is a collective effort.

Become a leader

Share news, case studies, or live-stream consultations with students on Cogito’s in-built newsfeed function
or start discussions to drive online engagement 
from your students.

Leaders of innovation, with Cogito

The rate of users recommending the usage of the platform at other departments at the university.

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